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1 posts from August 2013


When in Lima, do as the Limeños do...

Hey all of you reading this!

A quick introduction of myself! My name is Kailey Morgan and I am from Orono, MN and attend Gustavus Adolphus College, but more importantly am spending my fall semester abroad in Lima, Perú! I will be one of the co-bloggers on here all semester :) Below is a post off my personal blog about when I first got here! If you are interested in reading more off my personal blog here is the link ! One of us will hopefully be posting once a week or what not, but for now, Enjoy!


¡Hola a todos!

Sorry it has been awhile since I last updated my blog! I have been VERY busy trying to getting acquainted with this new city that I am living in, and let me tell you it is VERY different than the United States! Bare with me, this is going to be a pretty long post. SO MUCH TO TELL YOU! (Yes, the capital letters are me shouting with excitement)

So my trip down here went really well! No lost luggage (thank goodness) and the flights were all pretty smooth. However, my 5 hour layover in Miami kind of stunk. While in the Miami airport I had my first experience of someone taking a picture of me because I am blonde hair and blue eyed. I cant tell you how bad I wanted to whip out my camera and take a picture of him, just so he knew what it felt like! When I stepped on the plane to head down to Lima, I realized that I was the ONLYAmerican to be on the plane because it was operated by LanPeru. Everything that was said was in spanish and for all I know the plane could have been coming to a crash landing and I wouldn’t have known. I sat next to a sweet old man whoINSISTED on talking to me in spanish the whole time…Which was annoying because I wanted to sleep, but also beneficial because I got a tasted of what it was going to be like!

THANK goodness I didn’t have to have my bags checked by customs. Not sure if any of you saw how much I packed, but lets just say it was MORE than enough! I got to the hotel and waited up for my roomie. Then I got to spend my first night sleeping in Lima. 

The next day was all orientation, we talked about everything from safety and security (Mom, be happy) to money and banking. We took a break in the middle and went and got lunch at Puro Perú where I tried my FIRST pisco sour (below is a picture of me and my new friend Emma with our pisco sours). I really liked it! It tasted a lot like a margarita, but the altitude affected me and it made me a little dizzy ;)  


After lunch we had another short orientation and then we got ready and all 11 of us went to LarcoMar for dinner! Below is the picture of the girls and guys in the group at LarcoMar! We got to explore and get to know each other and eat dinner!¡Qué delicioso! After we just hung out and had our first night together playing games and drinking vino y piscano (Perú’s version of Mike’s Hard Lemonade)



Today I went with my host family around town! They took me to many different districts! We ate lunch, which I’m not sure what it was called! But I had my first experience eating Ceviche, and I really liked it! I am not exactly sure what else I ate, because I am still trying to understand everything they are saying to me. I think my favorite word today was ““. After aHUGE lunch they insisted we go get a postre y café even though I was SO full. They kept telling me that I “eat little amounts” and that I need to eat more. I think they are trying to fatten me up! After all this we went to el supermercadoand my mom bought me TONS of fruits and vegetables. I knew what some of them were, and others I am not sure. I’ll get back to you if I like them! Here is a picture of me and my host parents (Amelia y Ricardo) at el mar.


Spanish is getting easier and easier as the days go on but there are still sometimes where I just have NO idea what is going on around me. I am trying really hard to keep an open mind! There are some things here that I knew to expect but definitely didn’t think would be so bad! Being blonde and blue eyes I definitely attract the attention of EVERYONE! Everywhere I go people are starting, or whistling, or waving, or making kissing noises at me. Not sure I really enjoy the attention, but whatever. Also there are many wild dogs running around that I really just want to take home with me (PLEASE mom!). 

As for now I am going to shower, get ready for bed, spend time with my family both here and in los Estados Unidos, and sleep before my first day of my intensive spanish class! 

I will (hopefully) start blogging every day! But for now ¡Chao!